Vote on Ink Finance To Predict the World Cup winners Earning Rewards

Dear INKFi Fam:

⚽The exciting World Cup is hot in progress.

Which team do you like best and who will be the Championship?

From today on, Ink Ffinance will witness every moment of victory with you!🍻🍻

We will launch a series of winners prediction proposal on Ink Finance with over 100,000 INKR reward. Join the prediction campaign to win reward. Good Luck to you. Let’s cheer for 2022 World Cup.


💰Total Prize: 100,000 INKR & 500 USDT

Event 1:100,000 INKR  for winner prediction matches during the world cup

 - Prediction proposal will be issued on Ink Finance. Participants to predict the math winner by voting.

 - Prediction proposals will be initiated 3 hours before the start of the math and will end at the start of the math.

 - Top100 paticipants who vote the correct winner will earn 10 INKER each

 - Reward will be distributed on Ink Finance within 2days end of the math.

Event 2: 500 USDT for the top 20 participants who’re highest predictive rate

Top 20 participants with the most correct predictions, will share 500 USDT prize pool. We will count all participating prediction data When the World Cup is over. 

Reward Details:

1st place: 100 USDT
2ed place: 70 USDT
3rd place: 55 USDT
4th-10th Place: 25 USDT
11th-20th Place: 10 USDT

Reward will be distributed within 5 working days end of the World Cup.


Nov 20 - Dec 18, 2022

How to participate ⚽

 - Follow Ink Finance Twitter:
 - Join Discord:
 - Vote on the prediction proposal and predict correct

To be qualified to receive reward please make sure you have meet above three requirements.

How to Vote to predict the winner

 - Open inkfinance betanet,choose Avalanche testnet ,If you don't have avax test coins, you can get them here:

 - Choose Your Role"DAO Member" and Search DAO Name "WorldCup_DAO"

 - Click "Open for Vote", and you will see several proposals about the latest event. Please vote in the valid time.

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Your Twitter ID:
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